Tuesday, June 30, 2015

                                                          ---Summer Summer Time----

I know I have been MIA for quiet sometime now... Well, having a serious boyfriend will do that to you!
Not to fear! I am back at it!
I will continue my search for a healthier life, most recently I have been working with doctors to assess possible food allergies.  This will be a new search for me, I am sure there will be a lot of new discoveries to share with you here.  I am sure I will incorporate my journey of love here as well :)

As you all know I am an Arbonne Consultant and there are a lot of new and fun products out there.  Top of my list for the summer is the new mineral sun lotion/ Sun line!  Check it out

New Website for all my friends who want to make a purchase!!

Don't forget to check out the new summer nutrition products that are SUMMER EXCLUSIVES!! 

Looking forward to reboot this journey with you all!~

Friday, April 18, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 4 Day 18

Hi friends,
Welcome back!  
This week has had it's ups and downs.  I have been good while at work.  But, the holiday anticipation has me waiting for the day I can indulge again.  This a change to a new life style and I have made great changes over the last year.  I do need to stick with it.  I just need to see how the rest of the weekend goes and make sure I can get back on the horse on Monday.  I am enjoying eating clean.  It does however make me question other not so healthy things too.  I just need to find a nice balance.  
How much do you care? 
Do you care about everything in your clothes, your house materials, the medications you take etc..??
It can be a little over whelming.. So, I am going to go with my grandmother'a old saying.. Everything in moderation.  A few changes can go a long way just don't get stuck... Do a few things at a time.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 4 Day 14

Hi There Friends,

It's another Monday in the world of the Detox Boot Camp.  This is the day we do our measurements to see our progress.  Today is not a great day for me.  I am back up the 3 lbs I thought I lost last week.  However, I am down an inch around my hips.  So, I guess we just have to call it a Win!  The hip area is my Nemesis any way!  I found out after an assessment with my Trainer that I am at 40% body fat.. THAT is NOT good! 
I am going to work on building strength and muscle and get that number down!!!
So- there is my personal rant on how I am doing.

Today, starts our journey with the 7 day cleanse drink.  I have done this before.  However, I have 3 new clients that are experiencing the joys of this drink for the 1st time today.  It is an interesting earthy flavor.  I add lemon to cut the taste.  But, this is a great little gem that cleans out your intestines to get anything out that is just sitting there.  It's light and you are still eating while you drink this.  So, I am excited to see how my group does!  I am good to do this and should be able to cleanse out a lb or two.  However, Easter is Sunday and that will be difficult for everyone!  I am going to be taking my own healthy choice foods.  Others, are afraid because they are not doing the cooking.  Small portions and keep to the cleanest friendly foods as possible.  It's spring so salads will be a huge deal!  Eat those 1st!

Exercise:  Everyone needs to keep doing this.  Do you sit at a desk for hours at the office like me.  Then you HAVE to make time and effort for something to get you moving.

A friend of mine has been doing the Body Rock 21 Day Challenge.  It has been a great success for her.

You can follow along from your living room. 
I personally have gone back to the boot camp at my office gym. 
In the past I did a boot camp from http://www.morningcrunch.com/

There are so many others... Swimming, Yoga, Spinning... Videos like Shaun T.  Just GET UP AND MOVE!

Cheers- L

Monday, April 7, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 3 Day 8

Hello All,

I hope this note finds you well and wanting to know about a more healthy life style.  I am glad and grateful to report that I have lost 3 lbs this last week.  For me this is great and a total win.  I have be in flux in a two lb window for months.  I was excited to find out I was past that flux spot and down 3 more lbs this week.  It took some commitment, and I also took in a treat but still kept my eye on eating health.

biggest challenge was going to Disneyland yesterday.  I armed my self and mentally prepared before I went.  I took protein bars and my own water (with a fizz stick).  I ate a gluten free lunch that I purchased and had an ice cream sandwich as my treat.  Taking my own snacks saved me.  If I got hungry I didn't have to waste time looking for a snack stop.  I just grabbed whatever I brought with me and continued on with my friends.  I gave my self a 'cheat' and had an chocolate covered ice cream when we stopped for sweets in the late afternoon.  With all of this being said, I just want to make one point.  It is possible.. you can go to events and still be on the healthy eating plan as long as you are committed and put your self in the right mind set.  I am still eating salads and my protein shakes today.  So, I didn't fall of the wagon just for having one day of fun with a little bit of sugar.  Wednesday starts up my boot camp again.  This is going to take some more mental preparation.  I haven't don this much working out since September.  But, its the best thing and right in line with what I need to do.  So, wish me luck on that one!

So, tonight is a bible study pot luck.  I have decided on bringing a Kale Mango Salad that my friend has made from the Food Network before.

Kale Mango Salad:

Raw kale
Fresh Mango
Pumpkin seeds
Salt/Pepper to taste
Honey/agave nectar

You throw in the Kale diced up and cored
add EVOO and  1/2 a Lemon and scrunch the kale for a min or so
then dice the mango

1/2 lemon
Honey or Agave nectar
Whisk this dressing adding a little salt and pepper to taste

add in the mango and top with Pumpkin seeds.  Pour dressing on and toss.


So EASY and my friend and I eat it all the time!!



Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 4 DAY 1

Hi There Friends,

Today, (yesterday) was the 1st day of our new Arbonne DBC.  I am leading a small group of friends through this journey this time.  I am excited for this to be as much of a motivator for me as it is for them.  I am determined to stay on track and get ready for the summer.  I have the wonderful opportunity to jump back in to my work out boot camp with my trainer Jonothon next week.  Schedule permitting.  I will have to see what my boss and I can work out.  I am finding that eating is getting easier as time goes on.  I have taken out caffeine (more pointed soda) for Lent, we are at 27 of 40 days.  I feel less and less like I need it.  I have been drinking water a lot more and it is almost time for me to break out the Mr. Tea Maker.  I am snacking more in the early afternoons.  I think this is mostly due to my work schedule, I now get in to the office at 8AM.  Which I actually really like.  I can get a lot more done the morning with this schedule.  I am almost out of my cold/allergy fog.  I will be HAPPY for the day when the flowers stop blooming... My one complaint about LA.  I can avoid traffic, but there is no escaping my floral allergies!

So, we started this weeks DBC with a bang!  Everyone was able to pack lunches and have some snacks on hand.  Even at my bible study (which provides a potluck dinner) had a great detox friendly kale salad.  I did try a couple of the other salads, but the kale was great!

One of our staples in this journey is organic Almond Milk or Coconut milk (unsweetened).  I had come across an article about an additive in milks that I didn't realize I was drinking or even should care about for that matter... (Carrageenan).  So, instead of telling you all the reasons you should not have this in your dairy free milk.  I am simple going to post a very easy video on how to make your own Almond Milk.


Or Coconut Milk if you prefer!


I haven't tried doing this yet.  But, I may in the near future.

Starting your morning with a vegan protein shake with one of these milk substitutes, some fresh berries and a dash of vanilla or almond extract makes for a great breakfast on the go!
I have my Green Goddess or Raspberry Almond Torte for breakfast each morning this week.

Green Goddess
Milk Substitute
Arbonne Vanilla Protein Powder
spoonful of Almond Butter or Sunflower putter
Organic Granny Smith Apple

Raspberry Torte
Milk Substitute
Chocolate Arbonne Protein Powder
Splash of Almond extract
Frozen Raspberries (or cherries)

Here is to a Healthy Start Folks!!


Friday, March 28, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 3 Day 26th

Well Friends,

As this journey comes to an end, I can not say too much.  This month has been a maintaining month more then a detox month.  I went on vacation and did a good job with my eating and exercising.  But, came home a cold for over a week now.  So, as much as I have continued on my eating journey I don't really know if I did a good job as my head is in a fog and I don't each much at all.
However, The new April Month is almost here and I have some great news to re up my life and efforts.  The boot camp that starts this Monday March 31th I have 4 clients and my self joining.  I am really so excited to get them started.  It will be wonderful to have some friend along and some folks that will feel great too!
So, here is to the new group!  My coaching (I hope I can encourage with out overwhelming,

So, I am going to commit to blogging about this journey on a regular bases!
I personally need to take this seriously.  Its a good time for me to see what my leadership and salewomanship is really going to be.  I need to live what I love and make sure I am the example that I want to be.

So, tonight I am going to go get a few things to do a tasting party for my family of detoxers.  Gonna get the kids involved and see if I can get them on board to encourage their parents.

So, please watch out for my updates and tips here.

Have a Fun Friday!

Cheers - L

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 3 Day 17

Hi There Cheery People!

I know its been forever since I updated here.  I was in Austin visiting my uncle and seeing the sights of SXSW last week so I was out of communicado. 

I will report that I ate on the detox plan for most breakfasts (shakes and Breakfast tacos)
I took my protein bars and nuts for waiting in line snacks and was able to get on the scale for my weigh in this week.  my 2 lb flux is there.  Up, 2lbs but holding steady at my waist and even lost a 1/2inch on my hips.  This is all great news.  AND the even better news, I stayed completely away from coffee and soda while I was gone.  I gave that up for lent and expect for a sprite in there I have been great getting rid of the sugar and the caffeine.  YAY!

I am determined to do April's detox full out and not cheat at all!!!

I want to look amazing and feel great.  Also, when I got back to to town I had my good friend and her husband ready to start on this detox too!!! WONDERFUL!! I am excited to get them started and for them to experience the changes that can come with this life style change. 

Who's in for changing their eating and having more energy?