Monday, April 7, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 3 Day 8

Hello All,

I hope this note finds you well and wanting to know about a more healthy life style.  I am glad and grateful to report that I have lost 3 lbs this last week.  For me this is great and a total win.  I have be in flux in a two lb window for months.  I was excited to find out I was past that flux spot and down 3 more lbs this week.  It took some commitment, and I also took in a treat but still kept my eye on eating health.

biggest challenge was going to Disneyland yesterday.  I armed my self and mentally prepared before I went.  I took protein bars and my own water (with a fizz stick).  I ate a gluten free lunch that I purchased and had an ice cream sandwich as my treat.  Taking my own snacks saved me.  If I got hungry I didn't have to waste time looking for a snack stop.  I just grabbed whatever I brought with me and continued on with my friends.  I gave my self a 'cheat' and had an chocolate covered ice cream when we stopped for sweets in the late afternoon.  With all of this being said, I just want to make one point.  It is possible.. you can go to events and still be on the healthy eating plan as long as you are committed and put your self in the right mind set.  I am still eating salads and my protein shakes today.  So, I didn't fall of the wagon just for having one day of fun with a little bit of sugar.  Wednesday starts up my boot camp again.  This is going to take some more mental preparation.  I haven't don this much working out since September.  But, its the best thing and right in line with what I need to do.  So, wish me luck on that one!

So, tonight is a bible study pot luck.  I have decided on bringing a Kale Mango Salad that my friend has made from the Food Network before.

Kale Mango Salad:

Raw kale
Fresh Mango
Pumpkin seeds
Salt/Pepper to taste
Honey/agave nectar

You throw in the Kale diced up and cored
add EVOO and  1/2 a Lemon and scrunch the kale for a min or so
then dice the mango

1/2 lemon
Honey or Agave nectar
Whisk this dressing adding a little salt and pepper to taste

add in the mango and top with Pumpkin seeds.  Pour dressing on and toss.


So EASY and my friend and I eat it all the time!!



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