Monday, April 14, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 4 Day 14

Hi There Friends,

It's another Monday in the world of the Detox Boot Camp.  This is the day we do our measurements to see our progress.  Today is not a great day for me.  I am back up the 3 lbs I thought I lost last week.  However, I am down an inch around my hips.  So, I guess we just have to call it a Win!  The hip area is my Nemesis any way!  I found out after an assessment with my Trainer that I am at 40% body fat.. THAT is NOT good! 
I am going to work on building strength and muscle and get that number down!!!
So- there is my personal rant on how I am doing.

Today, starts our journey with the 7 day cleanse drink.  I have done this before.  However, I have 3 new clients that are experiencing the joys of this drink for the 1st time today.  It is an interesting earthy flavor.  I add lemon to cut the taste.  But, this is a great little gem that cleans out your intestines to get anything out that is just sitting there.  It's light and you are still eating while you drink this.  So, I am excited to see how my group does!  I am good to do this and should be able to cleanse out a lb or two.  However, Easter is Sunday and that will be difficult for everyone!  I am going to be taking my own healthy choice foods.  Others, are afraid because they are not doing the cooking.  Small portions and keep to the cleanest friendly foods as possible.  It's spring so salads will be a huge deal!  Eat those 1st!

Exercise:  Everyone needs to keep doing this.  Do you sit at a desk for hours at the office like me.  Then you HAVE to make time and effort for something to get you moving.

A friend of mine has been doing the Body Rock 21 Day Challenge.  It has been a great success for her.
You can follow along from your living room. 
I personally have gone back to the boot camp at my office gym. 
In the past I did a boot camp from

There are so many others... Swimming, Yoga, Spinning... Videos like Shaun T.  Just GET UP AND MOVE!

Cheers- L

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