Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 3 Day 17

Hi There Cheery People!

I know its been forever since I updated here.  I was in Austin visiting my uncle and seeing the sights of SXSW last week so I was out of communicado. 

I will report that I ate on the detox plan for most breakfasts (shakes and Breakfast tacos)
I took my protein bars and nuts for waiting in line snacks and was able to get on the scale for my weigh in this week.  my 2 lb flux is there.  Up, 2lbs but holding steady at my waist and even lost a 1/2inch on my hips.  This is all great news.  AND the even better news, I stayed completely away from coffee and soda while I was gone.  I gave that up for lent and expect for a sprite in there I have been great getting rid of the sugar and the caffeine.  YAY!

I am determined to do April's detox full out and not cheat at all!!!

I want to look amazing and feel great.  Also, when I got back to to town I had my good friend and her husband ready to start on this detox too!!! WONDERFUL!! I am excited to get them started and for them to experience the changes that can come with this life style change. 

Who's in for changing their eating and having more energy?



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