Friday, March 28, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 3 Day 26th

Well Friends,

As this journey comes to an end, I can not say too much.  This month has been a maintaining month more then a detox month.  I went on vacation and did a good job with my eating and exercising.  But, came home a cold for over a week now.  So, as much as I have continued on my eating journey I don't really know if I did a good job as my head is in a fog and I don't each much at all.
However, The new April Month is almost here and I have some great news to re up my life and efforts.  The boot camp that starts this Monday March 31th I have 4 clients and my self joining.  I am really so excited to get them started.  It will be wonderful to have some friend along and some folks that will feel great too!
So, here is to the new group!  My coaching (I hope I can encourage with out overwhelming,

So, I am going to commit to blogging about this journey on a regular bases!
I personally need to take this seriously.  Its a good time for me to see what my leadership and salewomanship is really going to be.  I need to live what I love and make sure I am the example that I want to be.

So, tonight I am going to go get a few things to do a tasting party for my family of detoxers.  Gonna get the kids involved and see if I can get them on board to encourage their parents.

So, please watch out for my updates and tips here.

Have a Fun Friday!

Cheers - L

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 3 Day 17

Hi There Cheery People!

I know its been forever since I updated here.  I was in Austin visiting my uncle and seeing the sights of SXSW last week so I was out of communicado. 

I will report that I ate on the detox plan for most breakfasts (shakes and Breakfast tacos)
I took my protein bars and nuts for waiting in line snacks and was able to get on the scale for my weigh in this week.  my 2 lb flux is there.  Up, 2lbs but holding steady at my waist and even lost a 1/2inch on my hips.  This is all great news.  AND the even better news, I stayed completely away from coffee and soda while I was gone.  I gave that up for lent and expect for a sprite in there I have been great getting rid of the sugar and the caffeine.  YAY!

I am determined to do April's detox full out and not cheat at all!!!

I want to look amazing and feel great.  Also, when I got back to to town I had my good friend and her husband ready to start on this detox too!!! WONDERFUL!! I am excited to get them started and for them to experience the changes that can come with this life style change. 

Who's in for changing their eating and having more energy?



Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 3 Day 2

Hi Folks,

So, my new health goal is to follow the 28 detox until I can get all the way through it with out cheating.  It has been a difficult task at times.  Which is really chronicled in my posts.  You can see pockets of updating when things have been stressful and a struggle.  So, this is my commitment.  This month should be better.  Lent starts tomorrow and I will give up caffeinated drinks as I always do, with hopes to be totally off it for good.  I have struggled today already having a grill cheese for lunch.  But, I will get back on the horse and keep moving forward. 
So, Giving up things for Lent is mostly the tradition, but you can also pick up better habits along the way.  I hope to follow my eating plan better as well as exercising a bit more.  Its been hard with the gross weather we have had this past week, and my busy schedule.  So, I hope next week I can pick things up again.

Lets keep this train moving... Spring is just around the corner!

a little tip-- pea protein is all the rage.. and we have been doing it for years!