Thursday, February 20, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 2 Day 18

Hi Dear Friends,

I know it has been a few days since I posted last.  I am so glad to report that Monday's weigh in shows I am down 2LBs over the last week.  I also lost 1/2inch around my waist.  All good wins!  I am excited to see my 'spare tire' that I got from my mom's family is slowly diminishing. 

I have been keeping myself in order this week.  I fixed a chicken avocado salad and had enough in the end to portion it out for 3 lunches this week.  So, my good, whole organic foods and calorie count was down and healthy!
Here is the lunch:

Avocado Chicken Salad
1/2-1 whole mashed avocado
2c shredded chicken
chopped celery(2-4 stalks)
chopped green apple (1/2)
Salt & pepper

Combine ingredients.
Serve on a bed of mixed greens.
I topped with chopped almonds & scallions 

I am excited to see what happens in the near future.  I have a good feeling things will be turning around soon!
Here is to a bright spring and an awesome summer.  I am getting excited for bikini season!


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 2 Day 10

Hi Healthy Folks,

So, our day 10 for month 2 is upon us.  I was sick over the weekend so my appetite isn't 100% yet.  But, I am making an effort to clean up some eating habits.  its hard to adjust my eating now that my work schedule is moved earlier by an hour.  I need to get use to my new eating hours and not eat too late in the evening.  I don't have to now!  I get home earlier!!

So today I am going to take Dr. Oz's information to heart!

DAY 10
This information comes straight from Dr. Oz's Clean Detox program
The 411 On Weight Loss:
How and when weight-loss occurs varies for each person. Everyone comes into the detox with a different level of toxicity, a different genetic history, and different hormonal patterns. For many, the body will not begin to reduce inflammation and release extra weight until it has found balance through the cleansing process. Let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture of why we might have excess weight in the first place.
It’s often a result of consuming foods that do not work for the body, resulting in poor digestion and toxic overload. Detox helps the body re-balance itself and help repair the damage done by years of poor habits. When you lose weight without doing this important foundational work, the weight-loss typically doesn’t last. It also doesn’t bring about the increased vitality, that in the end is what we really want. Even if you haven’t seen much weight-loss yet, hang in there. You’re doing the foundational work, and that’s what matters most. Daily bowel movements, sticking with the detox diet, and avoiding emotional snacking will encourage your body to find that sweet spot, totally unique to you. Don’t stress yourself out by stepping on the scale every day. Just remember, how you feel is a more accurate measure of success. Instead of numbers on the scale, focus on your energy level, sleep patterns, digestion, elimination, mood, and clarity of thought.

 So- For me I know that I need enough sleep.  Which is still a struggle week to week.  I need between 8-9hrs of sleep.  I have been operating for years on 6-7hrs.  College habits are hard to break.  So, this is a new year challenge for me.  I also see a difference when I take my vitamins on a regular bases, along with my regular medications.  I just have to keep reminding my self.  I also enjoy working out in the evenings.  Opposite of many people.  Working out tires me out and I can get a good nights rest knowing my body is recharging.   

My Challenge to you is to make note of some of these things.  It will help you keep your goals on track as well as knowing your body's needs better.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 2 Day 8

Hi My Healthy Bugs,

I am grateful for the continued changes in my life.  I have had success' and set backs this week as anyone will have.  I am a week in to my old medication that was giving so many issues last month.  I had some major acne, mood swings, and bloating that was just to much for me to handle.  I was able to get things back on the right track today.  I am slowly seeing my skin improve and my bloating is way down.  So, this is all good stuff.  I had some sort of stomach flu on Friday night and was in bed most of Saturday.  I only really had liquids.  So, we can see that as bad and good for the weight loss.  I really didn't loose any weight from being sick, just a 1/2 inch around my waste.  So, that's a win even if it was brought on by being sick. 
I am still needing to stay on a healthy eating.  My slip ups are not helping me with my goal.  It's great that I have changed a lot of habits.  My biggest food monster is Soda.  I love it, I go through phases when I will just drink soda water... But I always slip back into drinking it.  I have taken wheat out successfully, and 95% meat free, my soda is my one area.  I don't even eat candy or chocolate as much as I enjoy soda.  Its is down from a year or two ago.  I am down to an average of 3 a week.  But its the biggest habit to break this year!!  Slowly, I am sliding down my sugar intake.  So, this is an area to work on.  

My current goals are to continue my detox program until I can get through an entire 28 days with out cheating!
Loose my elusive LBS
Commit to 3 work outs a week. 

For my 10,000 steps I am averaging around 7,000 right now.  So, I need to get up a few more times during the day to get that healthy stepping up. 

Who's ready for this journey!

I know it was a bit negative today.  But, its to show I am not always doing as well as I hope even though I have made some good long lasting changes!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 2 Day 5

Hi All,

The end of January got away from me.  Even though I was trying to keep up with my eating... the blogging not so much.  So, here we are in the new month with a new detox on deck for all of Feb.  I will take some before and after pictures to share in this month.  I am continuing to eat organic whole foods.  Occasional slip for a meal. But, I am back on the horse the following meal.  This week I started eating two shakes a day to see if I can get the bloating under control.  I am excited to see what my spring time goal looks like.  I  will just have to stick to good eating while I am out on dates as that area of my life has picked up. 

I hope you all will be interested in this program as well.  It really has helped me get my life on a path of wellness that I enjoy so much!

If you are interested in finding out more about what kind of food plan I am following check out the recorded message detailed in this flier!

Love to have you along for the ride this year!!