Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 4 DAY 1

Hi There Friends,

Today, (yesterday) was the 1st day of our new Arbonne DBC.  I am leading a small group of friends through this journey this time.  I am excited for this to be as much of a motivator for me as it is for them.  I am determined to stay on track and get ready for the summer.  I have the wonderful opportunity to jump back in to my work out boot camp with my trainer Jonothon next week.  Schedule permitting.  I will have to see what my boss and I can work out.  I am finding that eating is getting easier as time goes on.  I have taken out caffeine (more pointed soda) for Lent, we are at 27 of 40 days.  I feel less and less like I need it.  I have been drinking water a lot more and it is almost time for me to break out the Mr. Tea Maker.  I am snacking more in the early afternoons.  I think this is mostly due to my work schedule, I now get in to the office at 8AM.  Which I actually really like.  I can get a lot more done the morning with this schedule.  I am almost out of my cold/allergy fog.  I will be HAPPY for the day when the flowers stop blooming... My one complaint about LA.  I can avoid traffic, but there is no escaping my floral allergies!

So, we started this weeks DBC with a bang!  Everyone was able to pack lunches and have some snacks on hand.  Even at my bible study (which provides a potluck dinner) had a great detox friendly kale salad.  I did try a couple of the other salads, but the kale was great!

One of our staples in this journey is organic Almond Milk or Coconut milk (unsweetened).  I had come across an article about an additive in milks that I didn't realize I was drinking or even should care about for that matter... (Carrageenan).  So, instead of telling you all the reasons you should not have this in your dairy free milk.  I am simple going to post a very easy video on how to make your own Almond Milk.


Or Coconut Milk if you prefer!


I haven't tried doing this yet.  But, I may in the near future.

Starting your morning with a vegan protein shake with one of these milk substitutes, some fresh berries and a dash of vanilla or almond extract makes for a great breakfast on the go!
I have my Green Goddess or Raspberry Almond Torte for breakfast each morning this week.

Green Goddess
Milk Substitute
Arbonne Vanilla Protein Powder
spoonful of Almond Butter or Sunflower putter
Organic Granny Smith Apple

Raspberry Torte
Milk Substitute
Chocolate Arbonne Protein Powder
Splash of Almond extract
Frozen Raspberries (or cherries)

Here is to a Healthy Start Folks!!


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