Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Healthy 2014 Day 3

Hi All,
Day 3 things are getting easier.  I am listening to my body and hearing new things.  I need better snacks I had berries with me for an afternoon snack and by 3PM all I wanted was a salty snack.  So, I have to have a number of different kinds of snacks with me during the day.
I am a trying to get some extra sleep this week as well.  I have gotten a good 8 hours of sleep for the last few days which is great!! Hoping I can keep that up.  I just have to make sure I adjust my lifestyle. 
A bit of a headache again today.  I think it has more to do with the cooler weather then my detox.  My sinus is sensitive to the weather changes and I know that I am still coming down from so much holiday sugar.
Today I had a lovely tuna salad for lunch with lemon/EVOO dressing.  Dinner was Brown rice pasta with homemade meat sauce, and steamed veggies.  Very tasty!
Tomorrow will be another work out day.  YAY for detox and feeling better!  I can tell my stomach is responding to better food.  Digestion is better, bloating is down.  All good things!

Here is to new days ahead!!

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