Friday, January 10, 2014

Health 2014 Day 5

Hi All,

So, I have made it through the 1st five days of my detox with out too many slip ups.  a couple of tortilla chips yesterday (like 5 chips) and I square of chocolate today. 

Things are getting easier as the days go on.  I am having issues with a cronic charlie horse in my left leg three mornings in a row.  I also am finding that my bowel movements are becoming more regular... Do you know you should have two bowel movements a day (that's a number 2) :)

A big part of this journey is listening to your body and making healthy decisions based on what you are finding out about yourself. 
Tomorrow I will be attending a 1 year olds birthday party I can snack on things like veggies and salad.  Pile my plate with veggies and stick to water or tea. I can do it!!

A little reminder why I needed to stop drinking such gross stuff --- 



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