Monday, January 6, 2014

Healthy 2014 - Day 1

Hi All,

So, I am here at the end of a long monday, drinking my detox tea and finally getting to relax. 
Happy 3 Kings day or if you are my mom.. Happy Birthday Momma!
So, the 1st day could be a lot worse.  I had a dull headache all day, which could have been from the bad planning of snacks on my part or the lack of sugar and caffeine.   I can tell my sinus inflammation is decreasing.  I am starting to breath better.  I am having some gas and stomach movement.  Thanks to the digestive Plus. It really is a good thing.
Day 1- Breakfast Raspberry Protien Shake with Almond/Coconut milk
Lunch- Quinia Salad with lemon/EVOO dressing
Snack- Granny Smith apple with Almond Butter
Dinner- Brown Rice tortilla, chicken less chicken, fresh made salsa, light veggie rennet cheese, garlic
Water with fizz stick
Detox tea

Digestion Plus from Arbonne
A couple of cheats in there.  I had a few crasins in the salad and soy chicken in my dinner.  I gave up chicken last year.  Its been a pretty good day over all.  I didnt work our today due to the long drive I had.  Tomorrow back on the work out plan!


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