Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Healthy 2014 Day 2

Hi All,

I hope this Tuesday finds you healthy and happy!
I am so excited to have my friend Stephanie along for the ride.  She has found  that she has a lot of food allergies and is going to follow the same plan with me to see if it can improve her health with the Arbonne plan.  This is a organic, whole food program with detoxing and vegan elements... here's to a great 28 days!  

Today was much better then yesterday.  Virtually no headache, but used a bit of cheese on my dinner and discovered it kind of made me congested.  So, back to the non-dairy cheese it is. 

I got in a little bit of a work out in.   only had a short amount of time tonight so I did a Shaun T cardio abs work out.

For tomorrow I need to remember a good morning snack.  I am going to take some extra berries and humus with veggies for afternoon snack.  I think I need to even out my snacking and meals a little bit more so I don't get hungry and remember my vitamins every day.
Brown Rice tortilla
Veggie Rennet Cheese
Black beans (veggie sub for the chicken)
baby spinach and onion satay
homemade salsa (tomato and avocado, garlic)

Don't to forget to drink lots of water during your day.  add a little lemon to help detox while you drink.


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