Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weigh In!

Dear Friends!

It is an exciting day for me!
I decided to do a weigh in at the gym yesterday after my boot camp.  I am happy to report I am down another 2.5 lbs totaling 4.5 lbs during the boot camp.  I am also excited to see the changes that my body is going through just by the exercise that I am doing on a regular bases. 
I have been really careful about my eating as well.  My trainer has us on a electronic food diary that he can look at... Its a little nerve racking to think about but I eat well usually.  I am feeling really good that I have not had sweets for lent.  Very exciting!! I am having a good time feeling good and seeing changes :)

I am also excited to have a new fitbit :) I was feeling a bit of a withdrawal with out my old one.  I was lucky to be able to buy a new one through work for a discount.  These little devices are a great tool to be able to help me calculate how many calories I am working off each day.  

I just wanted to share this with you all.  I am enjoying finding all these little things to help in my healthy life style changes.  These other Apps have helped me in watching what I eat and how much exercises I do.  Fit bit has these features but if your life style is a bit different these might help as well!

Loose It

Fitness Pal

More to come!!



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