Thursday, February 14, 2013

SUGAR.... Happy Lent, Followed by Valentines Day... WHAT??

Hi All,

So, as today is Valentines Day I guess most are eating large quantities of candies and chocolates.  I on the other hand had a brilliant idea to give up sugar sweets for Lent.  I did not even think about Valentines day following ash Wednesday.  Me 1, Sugar 0.. As of 5:06PM.  I can do it.  My weight loss journey is in full swing.  This past Monday I even got in an extra work out.  YAY!  I am officially down 2 lbs.  Which is slower then I thought, but I am okay with it.  I will take it!  I ordered the rest of my needed supplies from Arbonne Int'l.  So, next week shakes for more meals.  I am going to stick to no sweets tonight, no matter how tempted I am :) I will be a better person for it.  I want to try and get a work out in as well.  I am going to look at this day as if it were any other day.  Just time to relax and enjoy myself.  I want to make sure I have time, energy and money to enjoy the long weekend :)

I have been enjoying a Protein Shake recipe this week. 

Cherry Almond Torte
2 scoops Protein Powder (arbonne)
14 oz almond milk (if I use vanilla powder I substitute Chocolate almond milk).
hand full of Frozen Cherries - Organic (Trader Joe's).
1 or less scoop of Fiber boost
splash of Almond extract
add ice for thicker consistency

A very Happy Valentines Day to everyone!

More to come soon!


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