Thursday, February 20, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 2 Day 18

Hi Dear Friends,

I know it has been a few days since I posted last.  I am so glad to report that Monday's weigh in shows I am down 2LBs over the last week.  I also lost 1/2inch around my waist.  All good wins!  I am excited to see my 'spare tire' that I got from my mom's family is slowly diminishing. 

I have been keeping myself in order this week.  I fixed a chicken avocado salad and had enough in the end to portion it out for 3 lunches this week.  So, my good, whole organic foods and calorie count was down and healthy!
Here is the lunch:

Avocado Chicken Salad
1/2-1 whole mashed avocado
2c shredded chicken
chopped celery(2-4 stalks)
chopped green apple (1/2)
Salt & pepper

Combine ingredients.
Serve on a bed of mixed greens.
I topped with chopped almonds & scallions 

I am excited to see what happens in the near future.  I have a good feeling things will be turning around soon!
Here is to a bright spring and an awesome summer.  I am getting excited for bikini season!


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