Monday, February 10, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 2 Day 8

Hi My Healthy Bugs,

I am grateful for the continued changes in my life.  I have had success' and set backs this week as anyone will have.  I am a week in to my old medication that was giving so many issues last month.  I had some major acne, mood swings, and bloating that was just to much for me to handle.  I was able to get things back on the right track today.  I am slowly seeing my skin improve and my bloating is way down.  So, this is all good stuff.  I had some sort of stomach flu on Friday night and was in bed most of Saturday.  I only really had liquids.  So, we can see that as bad and good for the weight loss.  I really didn't loose any weight from being sick, just a 1/2 inch around my waste.  So, that's a win even if it was brought on by being sick. 
I am still needing to stay on a healthy eating.  My slip ups are not helping me with my goal.  It's great that I have changed a lot of habits.  My biggest food monster is Soda.  I love it, I go through phases when I will just drink soda water... But I always slip back into drinking it.  I have taken wheat out successfully, and 95% meat free, my soda is my one area.  I don't even eat candy or chocolate as much as I enjoy soda.  Its is down from a year or two ago.  I am down to an average of 3 a week.  But its the biggest habit to break this year!!  Slowly, I am sliding down my sugar intake.  So, this is an area to work on.  

My current goals are to continue my detox program until I can get through an entire 28 days with out cheating!
Loose my elusive LBS
Commit to 3 work outs a week. 

For my 10,000 steps I am averaging around 7,000 right now.  So, I need to get up a few more times during the day to get that healthy stepping up. 

Who's ready for this journey!

I know it was a bit negative today.  But, its to show I am not always doing as well as I hope even though I have made some good long lasting changes!


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