Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Healthy 2014 Month 2 Day 5

Hi All,

The end of January got away from me.  Even though I was trying to keep up with my eating... the blogging not so much.  So, here we are in the new month with a new detox on deck for all of Feb.  I will take some before and after pictures to share in this month.  I am continuing to eat organic whole foods.  Occasional slip for a meal. But, I am back on the horse the following meal.  This week I started eating two shakes a day to see if I can get the bloating under control.  I am excited to see what my spring time goal looks like.  I  will just have to stick to good eating while I am out on dates as that area of my life has picked up. 

I hope you all will be interested in this program as well.  It really has helped me get my life on a path of wellness that I enjoy so much!

If you are interested in finding out more about what kind of food plan I am following check out the recorded message detailed in this flier!

Love to have you along for the ride this year!!


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  1. Bloating can be dehydration! In addition to trying out the shakes (fruit-type shakes similar to juicing?), I'd just drink tons of water. Sounds counter-intuitive but by consuming more water, you're telling your body not to retain so much water. =)