Thursday, July 26, 2012

The C word...... CANCER

Hi All,

This might not be the best topic for my second official blog here.  But, it is an important topic for me.  As I was thinking of life last night my brush with Cancer came screaming in to my mind as I drifted to sleep.

its what your grandma had, its what your best friends aunt died of, its what a neighbor kid suffered from.... but you.... NO....

Well, I can state for sure your life and the way you live your life changes after that word comes in to your world..
I never really thought I would have cancer, sure with fair skin and other various cancers looming in the family you think... Maybe...but, then push it out of your mind

I was driving to work one March morning earlier this year, my dermologies rocked my world in a matter of two mins.  "the mole we removed last week is Melanoma Cancer, we need you to see a specialist for further treatment."  I was more in shock then anything. I am 30, I have never sunburned my foot, had I?  What was additional treatment going to entail, what was it going to cost me, after insurance, Should I call my mom before I cry?

One week later I was sitting in Dr. Finchers Rodeo Dr, office.  I was as gratefull then as I
 am now to have such an expert doctor to work with.  Dr. Fincher is an expert in skin cancer cell grouth.  He took more cells than may be needed, better safe then sorry!!  He was a quite gentle man with a very lively staff.  I simply proped my foot up, put my Ipad in my lap and watch a movie for the 45 mins or so they went to work removing tissue and sowing me up.  At one point the tug of the stitches made me look up in surprise by the odd feeling.  Other then that I didnt want to see what was happening... I just wanted to be fixed.
I was bangaged up and send on my way, I went back to work as I was told I could do so if I wanted.  I needed the distraction. 

My recovery was a reasonably short one.  I had stitches for about 8 weeks and a bit of an infection the last week.  Now I am all recovered and am doing fine.  I have a small 1 inch scar that I am still putting oils on to lighten.  But, its a battle scar of sorts and I wear it proudly.

This has been a journy, a test of faith and a test of strenghth!  I was away from my family, No husaband or Boyfriend to nurse me back to health.  Just good ole' friends, personal strenghth and faith that I would slowly recover. 

I have to say just like so many before me Cancer changes your life.  I held it together not feeling sorry for myself or crying until, I was watching Julianna Ransic talk about her cancer and how lucky
she was.  In that moment I understood what she was talking about.  All the research and talking to doctors led up to just feeling overwhelmed.  But if she could do it, so could I.  Sure, cancer was in my family and I am at high risk for skin cancer but I just needed to focus on getting better and doing good in this life.

I am cancer free!!! This thought changed a lot of things for me.  I now felt like if I didnt do my very best in keeping my self healthy and end up with more, or other cancer I might only have my self to blame.  So, I took my health seriously!! Yes, I have always eaten fairly well, but now I am eatting mostly organic, that I fix my self.  I work out 4-5 times a week and I make sure I am putting sunscreen on my exposed skin EVERY morning.  I know that all might sound a little extreme but I am finding real focus and stength in making these changes!
These changes are physical, emotional and even spiritual.  I love that god is giving me the focus to get through a work out and self control to eat healthy!  My work outs many times consist of Toby Mac radio :) some serious inspiration there!  I know deep down that this is a good thing.  Something to kick me in the butt and be a better person. 

I would ask you to take a look at the skin cancers signs if you have any thoughts that you might be at risk.  Its a fairly easy thing to look out for and you will save your self a lot of medical issues in the future.

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