Saturday, July 7, 2012

BondGirl Has Arrived

Hello Bloggers!

I have created this new blog connected to my gmail/google+ accounts to share with you all the fun and exciting things that I come across.  You  know you will get a great deal of entertainment related things, Nutrition and fitness, and of course my fun day to day finds around Los Angeles.  Please join me on this new blogging journey! 

Lets start with some basics.. I work at Warner Brothers full time and love working for such a great entertainment company.  In my spare time I own my own production/development company and I also have a home-based network marketing company with Arbonne International (a make-up and vegan nutrition line).  Yes, I am a busy bee... But, I love it!
I live in a great little condo in the east valley of Los Angeles, and enjoy the location as it is close to my office in Burbank and I have easy access to Hollywood and the westside via the free way down the block, 

My family lives in Colorado and i\I love visiting them, but have no desire at this time to return as a full time resident there.  I have too much to conquer here in LA!
I do miss all my little cousins though and wish I could see them more often as they are growing up so fast and it is sad they don't know me well and visa versa. 

I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas with you here.

Please join me on this journey, stop by and say HI once and awhile...

BondGirl LaLa

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